Become a Visual Viking

Our training will equip you for a new work life full of creativity. Meetings will become meaningful and you will save both time and reduce stress. 


Sara describes how businesses can benefit from visual thinking in practice (SE)

A few alumni thoughts

Very interesting and mind provoking! New level of capturing information and processes. I am not a trained artist not even do drawing as hobby but I really like the way this technique captures information in an effektiv way.

Sara describes how businesses can benefit from visual thinking in practice (SE)

Easily the best course I’ve been on in a long time. We've been constantly moving and practicing. And as a teacher I know that's the best way to learn, to actually be doing stuff. Totally hit the brief. I genuinely feel like it was helpful and enabling. 

Sara Silbersky

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Malmö, Sweden

Teacher & Illustrator

 Lund, Sweden

Thomas Jones

Thomas shares his thoughts about who this training is for. (EN)

During our full day training you will learn how to:

Make information both beautiful and structured

Apply a new visual language in practice

Process information at speed and accuracy

We're living a major change as we're stepping up our game on how we're learning and the way we communicate. From text and words, we're moving into a more visual world of communication which has an impact on both health and business results.  

Take part in the visual revolution

How can you take part in making your organisation and meetings more sustainable and meaningful? 

Toni Arribas

Toni is one of Europe's best Live Scribers with a background in Fine Arts and Street Art.  He is renowned for his strong information processing skills, typography and delicate color compositions. 



About Visual Viking Academy

The Visual Viking Academy is founded by Mina Legnered and Toni Arribas. The Academy is powered by Simply Draw it Big -The European Agency of Live Scribers with a HQ in Malmö.  

A "Live Scriber" works as a professional scriber who can draw live by processing and structuring information at meetings, workshops, conferences or fairs. Simply Draw it Big coordinate assignments within the EU and match the appropriate Live Scribers with clients and projects. "Live Scribing" is also referred to as "Graphic Recording" or in Swedish more known as: "Mötesritare". 

A Live Scriber's core capability is the enormous skill in visual thinking and processing information with accuracy and speed into visual metaphors and text. It's a skill in high demand as we look for options to create better work environments and meaningful, memorable meetings.

Visual Thinking is an ability everyone is born with but unfortunately for some it gets lost as they grow up due to a high demand of writing long reports, meeting minutes and digitalizing.

It's about time to regain one of our core human strengths: our visual thinking. 



Malmö, Sweden

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